How can I tell if someone has muted me on Twitter?
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How can I tell if someone has muted me on Twitter?

I googled and found many articles that all describe the same thing, ex: "Open up Tweetdeck and make a 'Home' column for the person you suspect has muted you."

I can't wrap my head around the last part. I create a new Home column in Tweetdeck and it looks like this. I don't seen any place add the person who has muted me.

Here is an article that says the same thing: "Type in the Twitter account of someone you suspect opted to mute your tweets." Type it in where?

Any ideas?
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I just looked and it looks like TweetDeck no longer lets you add a "Home" column of an account you aren't logged in as. That's probably for the best.
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Let us know if you find a way to find this out so we can report that bug to twitter and have them fix it.
(The point of muting is that there is no way for anyone to know if you've been muted unless the muter says so.)
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