Louise's Ravioli
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When we lived in New England we enjoyed Louise's Ravioli. I think it was made in Revere, Mass. I can't find it on line. Can anyone give me a connection to this product?
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Sadly looking at the facebook page I think they've closed.

You might want to try Sabella's though based on this?

For sure, the world would be a better place if we all had a tummyful of the ravs that Vinny Sabella has been making since he was 8. (An uncle, Leo Sutera, founded Louise's Ravioli, and Sabella learned the craft at his knee.) Sabella makes his round delights fresh on Fridays and sells them through Sunday for $3.49 a dozen. Frozen raviolis are available all week for the same price. Smaller, square, versions -- a nod to Louise's -- are just $2.99 for a frozen box of 36.

Sabella's Ravioli
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If it really closed then what about trying Venda Ravioli from Providence's Federal Hill neighborhood? It looks like they will mail order ravioli, if you're too far to drive there yourself.

Or are you just curious about the company?
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