Songs like Clair de Lune by Flight Facilities
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Tell me about more songs like Clair de lune by flight facilities. I love the bass-y synth throughout. I love the ethereal vocals and the tune. I love how atmospheric it sounds. I already love purity ring and odesza and I have pandora and Spotify! Thanks.
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A lot of stuff by Sensible Soccers is similar, if you're not familiar with them already.
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No, that doesn't really do it. No vocals. Thanks anyway hasna
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This song reminds me a little of Portishead, but they’re so well known I imagine you already know them. How about Trespassers William? Laura Veirs, Lia Ices, Azure Ray, Kate Havnevik, Maria Taylor?
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You might like songs by Blond Redhead (try song "23"), Mazzy Star, Camera Obscura, Esthero, Maps (You don't know her name), Slowdive. Some of these might not be on spotify, I find a lot through youtube, I used to find a lot of great stuff on but that was years and years ago.
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You might like Telepopmusik
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The style is 'tropical house'.

Here are a couple of mixes that might do it for you [1] [2]

As artists go, Satin Jackets is probably worth checking out (plenty of free listening).
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Sorry to threadsit! I am familiar with Maria Taylor (definitely not what I'm looking for, unless I'm unaware of some of her library, which is highly possible) and Mazzy Star (way too downtempo/mumbly). I really dislike Portishead (cannot stand the vocals!). I think the Telepopmusik and HVOB stuff is closest so far. Will check out Camera Obscura, Esthero, Maps, Satin Jacket, Trespassers William, Laura Veirs, Lia Ices, Azure Ray, Kate Havnevik and Slowdive. Thanks.
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