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What are some good sources for learning how digital/video/interactive artists make art?

I have relatively little exposure to art outside of traditional large galleries. But lately I’ve found myself very strongly wanting to make art that combines things like photography, visual collage, interactivity, projectors?, neo-expressionism??, etc. I’m not entirely sure of the words. And so I’d love to just hear/read/watch some interviews, documentaries, lessons, etc, to go deeper.

My background: Over the years I have done a few very tentative things with: Processing, Ableton Live, darkroom photography, mash-up videos, reading from sensors via Arduino, etc. but I’d love to go much deeper into elements like collage and generative/interactive art. I am truly horrible at representational stuff like drawing, but I would like to learn more about how to use color and forms in composition (and I’m open to learning the basics! I’m just intimidated by the near-endless things I don’t know).

This is partly for fun and partly for some trauma recovery I’ve been going through. All ideas welcome, thank you!!
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Best answer: I bet you'd like Zach Lieberman's daily sketches where he explores various interactive ideas bit by bit every day. He wrote about the project: Daily Sketches in 2017 and Daily Sketches in 2016.

Lieberman also holds frequent office hours where he'll skype with anyone who wants to chat about interactive art. Watch his twitter for office hours announcements
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Best answer: I linked to Patty Chang's syllabus on video and time-based art in this FPP. It has long lists of artists and a few readings to look at. The Centre for Feminist Pedagogy has a long list too in this 24 hour "master class" on the history of feminist video. A lot of this stuff is available on YouTube/Vimeo, and you might try searching for other syllabuses with keywords taken from these plus '"syllabus" site:edu'.
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