Non steroidal treatments for my dog's panniculitis?
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Does anyone have suggestions for treating panniculitis without steroids? In my dog it is a chronic condition. However, steroids cause her to have chronic pancreatitis. She has done low fat diets, she's on Prilosec. I cannot afford Atopica at roughly 300-400 a month, even though it would probably be better for her. TIA!
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My dog was diagnosed with panniculitis after what should have been a routine surgery. Her internal medicine specialist prescribed a combination of doxycycline, niacinamide, aminocaproic acid, and pentoxifylline. She did stop bleeding and eventually heal, but it was an ordeal as the meds upset her stomach and affected her appetite. But it did help -- you could ask your vet if this approach might work for your pup too. Good luck and best wishes.
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Pentoxifylline is what I've always seen prescribed. It increases blood flow to the small vessels.
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I'm curious about Pentoxifylline because when I look it up it is defined as a drug that treats artery disease. Does anyone know if panniculitis is related to that?
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This slide deckhas a slide about panniculitis and lists potential treatments.

It is entirely appropriate to ask your vet about alternative treatments -- I can't recommend this enough. If you're not getting what you need, consider a university-based clinic if one is in your area. They tend to have more insight on the cost/benefit of various treatments.

Typically Atopica is prescribed beginning at a high dose which is decreased over time. Our cat needed it and we were so relieved to be down to once a month! The manufacturer offers a $60 rebate for Atopica, which helps a tiny bit.
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