3+ piece dark gray suit for female types, anyone?
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I need a dark gray suit intended to fit female-type proportions. Other requirements are: decent quality, non-stretch, 3+ pieces, and available to buy 'off the shelf' online. My normally reliable procurement skills are failing me on this one. All I can find are images of prior season's offerings and a smattering of separates. And stretch. LOTS of stretch. I Anyone out there have better sourcing for this than I?
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I'm assuming by 3-piece you mean skirt + pants? Or do you mean you want a vest?

Knowing your price range and body type would help, but two places I've had unexpected luck buying suits are Reiss and Club Monaco. I hear you on the too-stretchy fabrics (Theory, I'm looking at you).
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Three pieces? In menswear a three-piece suit includes a vest/waistcoat. Is that what you mean? If so, that's VERY uncommon--I can't remember the last time I saw a woman wearing such a thing for serious, and I work in an East Coast city in a more formal profession. Maybe some lesbians/genderqueer folk going for the "dapper" look might know? That's the only context I can think of.
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Vests are definitely trying to be a trend in womenswear right now.

I'd recommend searching pinterest for specific examples, there are tons but very few are mainsteam American retailers- more European and Asian. And they call vests "waistcoats" so that might help you search. Having them contrast instead of match is probably more on trend so might be easier to find.
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