3D printing service recommendations, Pebble 2 edition
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My Pebble 2 buttons broke, and the Sugru fix came off. Can you recommend a service to get the side cover design printed and shipped to me? Snowflake: I'm in Japan, so I need either a local service or one that ships internationally and doesn't gouge me on the price.
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Would you be open to trying to print the part using a 3D printer yourself? My prefecture just recently set up a 3D printer that I think people can just use for free with a couple hour class. I have a feeling you might not be in Iwate but can give you more details as needed.
I found this page introducing a couple places in Tokyo with 3d printers available for use for various fees, and a list of three online services for ordering.
DMM Make
Graphic 3D Print

I've never used a 3D printing service so have no recommendations, and didn't check prices for above, but I guess those are some well-known ish domestic options!
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