podcast recommendations: ground floor edition
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Please recommend your favorite podcasts that just started recently and don't have a huge backlog of episodes to get through.

Hi, my name is PBO and I enjoy podcasts. However, I also suffer from FOMO, and most good podcasts have been around for a while and have several thousand episodes to catch up on. I would like to hear suggestions for good podcasts that put out new content with some frequency/regularity but haven't been around long enough to have a huge back catalog that I'll never have time to listen to.

I will also accept suggestions for podcasts where you really, really don't have to dip into the backlog to follow along and appreciate them.

Some podcasts I have enjoyed in the past: Nerd Poker, Serial, Godsfall, Cthulhu & Friends, Drunks & Dragons, Bonefireside Chat, Someone Knows Something.

Thank you.
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Slow Burn is wrapping up season 2 (Clinton impeachment) in a couple of weeks. Season 1 was about Watergate.

I’m not aware of any plans for season 3. Yet.
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Dear Franklin Jones
Queery with Cameron Eposcito

These are new and on my to listen to list:
Raging Gracefully
Casting Call
The Dream

These may not be what you're going for, exactly, but they're new and/or have few episodes produced so you can easily listen to them all without having any FOMO.
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Bubble is a narrative si-fi podcast that just finished its first season of 8 episodes

I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats is a track by track revisit of Mountain Goats albums and has only done All Hail West Texas so far

Ear Hustle is a podcast about prison life produced by inmates at Sam Quentin

If you’re interested in discussion of the Canadian version of Bake-Off I humbly submit my podcast, The Bake Canadian Take Off, we’re only up to ten episodes, and just started the second season
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Last Seen just premiered. I haven't listened to it yet, but the promo sounded cool. There are only two episodes so far.

In general, most of the podcasts I recommend are non-sequential, so you can start anywhere and not feel left out: 99% Invisible, In Our Time, This American Life, etc. Those are cool because you don't have to wait for new episodes. And if there's a new episode that doesn't interest you, you can go back and find one in the archives that does.
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I'm enjoying Everything Is Alive (currently at five short and non-sequential episodes).
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Here are all the shows on my iPod that have standalone rather than serialized episodes:

BackStory (American history)
Committed (challenged relationships)
Flash Forward (what-if future scenarios)
LeVar Burton Reads (short fiction)
The Moth (personal experience storytelling)
Now or Never (Canadian carpe diem)
Off Book (improvised musical theater)
Reveal (investigative journalism)
Science Vs (evidence for/against various claims)
Still Processing (commentary on American media and culture)
Terrible, Thanks for Asking (worst personal challenges, may be triggering)
Trivial Warfare (quiz bowl type game)
Twenty Thousand Hertz (stories about sounds)
99% Invisible (stories about design)

They all have backlists but there's no need to start from episode 1 unless you want to.
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Dr. Death and Dirty John!

Dr. Death ended recently and Dirty John ended earlier this year, but they both only have ~ 7 episodes.

Serial just restarted recently and is very good, in case you unsubscribed.

Inside Jaws (like, the movie) is really great if you're into movies or pop culture. It's very compelling and I was surprised by how much I liked it. It just finished earlier this month and there are only 8 episodes.

Criminal is a twice-a-monther that you could totally start at any time without dipping back, but also go back when you are looking for something to listen to. There are a few two-episode stories. My all-time favorite Criminal two-parter is 51: Money Tree and 52: The Checklist. Utterly buckwild.

The Wilderness is a wonderful political "journey" produced by the Crooked Media folks (Pod Save America/the World/the People, etc) that has 15 episodes and is about the Democratic party. Very good, if you're into that sort of thing. It ended earlier this week.

I could recommend a million political, pop culture and investigative reporting podcasts that wouldn't require any backlog dipping. The above ones fit your apparent preferences and criteria best, though. Inbox me for more!
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I enjoyed the first three episodes of Kaleidotrope quite a bit, but they raised the stakes in a weird way episode 4 that didn't really feel earned yet, so tentative recommendation. I'm not that familiar with most of what you listed, so I also don't know if this is actually a good suggestion for you either.

Kaleidotrope Podcast is a queer romantic comedy podcast set on a slightly magical college campus and playing around with romance tropes, particularly fanfiction tropes.

Other than Bubble which was already mentioned, I haven't encountered any other newish podcasts recently.
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The second "season" of The Adventure Zone has recently started. New characters, new storyline.
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Omnibus is about a year old, and publishes twice weekly, but each episode is stand-alone, and if you like the hosts (one of which is Jeopardy! champion and all around interesting guy Ken Jennings), it's a lot of fun. You can just dive in with the latest, or go back to something that sounds like it has an interesting topic.
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Oh man, Everything is Alive is pretty new and it's AMAZING.
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Bodies is a brand new podcast featuring first-person stories about women's health stuff. (At least, so far it's all been women's health. I don't think that's in the formal description.)
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The Dead Authors Podcast!

Wikipedia synopsis:
The Dead Authors Podcast is a comedy and faux-historical podcast hosted by Paul F. Tompkins in character as H.G. Wells. In each episode, he welcomes a deceased author via his "time machine" to discuss his or her life and work.

DAP features comedic actors who play a certain (dead) author and improv through whole thing. It's hilarious. Only 60 episodes (*sob*).
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Cocaine And Rhinestones. Deep dive into the history of 20th century country music. Tyler Mahan Coe (related to David Allen Coe? grandson?). Amazing.
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Answer Me This! has no FOMO. It's been around for ages, but the episodes really don't relate to one another. In fact, as they've been doing this, they've gotten better. So the bits of the older episodes that I've heard haven't really interested me nearly as much as their new ones.
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Not Another D&D Podcast only has a backlog of 33 episodes (each episode is about 100 minutes long).
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Caliphate only has 11 episodes.
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Drunk Women Solving Crime (BBC)
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Hey hey hey. The only good podcast is The Relentless Picnic.

That reminds me I should do a post about them.
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This is a mix of things that are just starting and things that you're fine just jumping in on and cherry picking episodes.

- Oh No! Lit Class: Looks at books you were probably assigned in high school and college, but also full of dick jokes. Don't listen to this one around your kids and most likely at work either.

- Life, Death, and Taxonomy: A really cool show about animals.
- Varmints: Another really cool show about animals.

- Journey into Misery: A dude teaches his girlfriend/fiance (depending on what episode you grab) about comic characters. There are a ton of episodes here, but you're totally fine just grabbing ones from characters you want to hear about.

- Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children: Modern Grim brothers type stuff. There's some same world continuity woven between the stories, but you're fine just grabbing whatever you want.

- The Dirty Bits: History from the "there's no way your teacher could have taught it to you this way" angle.

- Play Comics: Looks at video games based on comic properties and how well they stick to the source material. Full disclosure here, this one's mine.

- Rolling Misadventures: A real play RPG podcast using the Fiasco system, which leads to 3 or so episode story arcs as opposed to one giant story arc across the whole podcast.
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Thanks for all the suggestions, I have a lot to dig through here!
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