My trunk yearns to sprint free.
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I am pretty much the opposite of most people: I hate pockets in my running shorts. Help me find my dream pair.

My fave shorts of all time are my Nike 519706 reflective Dri-Fit 5" shorts. I like the sleek-feeling fabric, the comfy interior lining, the streamlined fit, the way they lovingly hug my glutes. They are the polar opposite of the knee-length / baggy / basketball-styled / pockets-for-days / bunchy and bundly running shorts everyone seems to be peddling nowadays.

Unfortunately, since I never learn, I only bought one pair back in the day ... and Nike doesn't appear to offer anything in their current running-short lineup that has no pockets. I keep my car/house keys on a jelly bracelet and my phone on an armband. The only thing I want around my waist is the minimum legal amount of fabric.

I'm a real stickler for Nike's fabric choices in particular, but I'd be willing to concede to another brand if they're of a super-high quality. (And in a dream universe, a company with ethical manufacturing practices would be a major plus.) Any recommendations out there?
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What about race shorts like these? Or is that too short?
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they aren't cheap, but tracksmith focuses on retro running design with modern fabrics.
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A bit of a contrarian opinion here, but I have found that the least expensive bathing suit from Wal Mart is a great running short. I think the brand name is "George" and they are aboug $5 a pair. My friends could not tell the difference between these trunks and running shorts. I couldn't tell the difference when I was using them, either. Some have pockets, and other do not.
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