Where to sell my DVD collection in New York?
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I'm selling my DVD collection. Is there anything like Amoeba in NYC or perhaps Jersey that will give me a good deal?

I've got a lot of Criterion stuff and foreign films, nothing too mainstream Hollywood, mostly film nerdy stuff. I know with Blu-Ray and streaming, DVDs aren't worth as much anymore but I'd rather avoid places that are going to offer me $1 for my autographed West Side Story boxset.
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Anything that's remotely collectible you are going to have to probably piecemeal out and sell on eBay.
You could also bundle a bunch of DVD's together with a common element or theme or genre and sell those there as well. As you mentioned, DVD's are about a dime a dozen and that's what anyone will give you, especially when new ones are selling at Walmart for $3.50 each.
Anything that's not collectible, put in boxes, donate to your local charity, get a receipt, and take the tax write off, and get some good karma as well.
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Sadly, MMMD is right. No one is buying DVDs anymore for anything more than a few cents per title. Heck, I don't think even Goodwill wants them anymore.

Some other places that might accept a nice collection would be retirement homes and assisted-living centers. Many of those places have community movie rooms, and new DVDs would probably be welcomed. They play DVDs largely because that's what their residents mostly have. Of course, you probably wouldn't be able to claim a deduction for donating to places like that.
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Thanks. I sort of suspected that the market was dead. Oh well. Good Will here I come!
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try the criterion subreddit marketplace thread for those...
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