What's a great mouse for MacOS that isn't 💸
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My trusty Apple Magic Mouse broke today after three great years. I'm having a hard time stomaching the $80 they want for a new one. What other mice should I consider? I'm right handed and I don't mind cords for this one. I loved how the Magic Mouse lets me scroll sideways.
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I like the Logitech MX Master series, and have used them happily with both Windows and Macs. There's a second sideways scroll wheel by the thumb. (Probably not a great choice for people with small hands, though.)
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Is that Logitech any cheaper?

$80 is I guess a little steep if you compare all available mice, but I'll offer that I don't think I've paid less for a mouse in a very long time. If you work full time with a tool, it's okay to buy a nice one. $80 over 3 years is what, like 7 or 8 cents a day?

(I had the same problem recently, and just bit the bullet and got one of the new ones. I love that I no longer have to juggle batteries.)
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I think most Logitech and maybe most mice support side to side scrolling with the wheel.... you just click the wheel itself left or right to scroll. Lots of them have little arrows next to the wheel to show right and left, but even if the arrows aren't there lots of them do it. The M500 is a great mouse that supports it and is $30 or less.
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I don't want to tally ignore your question as asked but my answer is "Nothing is a good replacement that is significantly cheaper than the $60-ish that you can pay for a refurbished Magic Mouse"
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The Magic Trackpad is better than any mouse, also lets you scroll sideways.
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You can get a refurbished from mac of all trades for $59 plus free shipping. I bought one as a backup since the new ones cannot be used while charging.
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I really like the M500, and didn't even realize it did side-scrolling-- evidently I was using the basic Windows mouse driver that didn't support it, and have to install their Setpoint software. Knowing Logitech, there's a good chance that Setpoint software will be a nuisance until I turn off its most "helpful" features.

The only issues I've ever had with M500 are the occasional need for cleaning the laser port (cotton swab + rubbing alcohol), and getting lint off of the "feet", the 4 smooth ovals at the corners of the mouse base which get a lot less smooth when they grow a lint blanket. Elbow-grease or alcohol will do the trick.
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I have a Logitech MX Master and like it a lot. It's definitely on the pricier end of mouses, but it's not like you need to buy a new one every day.
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The Wirecutter’s pick is the Logitech M705 Marathon, which goes for $25. Looks like it supports sideways scrolling, but takes up a USB port with a dongle. (They also suggest a dongleless $32 alternate.)
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I was you about a week ago! I bought a used, tested Magic Mouse on e-bay for $13 with free shipping. Works great. You can buy multiple used mice for the price of a refurb, and many, many used ones for the price of a new one from Apple.
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I second the Logitech MX Master.
I have a MX Master 2S and the thumb scroll-wheel is excellent, highly recommended.
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The Wirecutter’s pick is the Logitech M705 Marathon, which goes for $25.

...and can often be found at $10 off its normal $27.99 price at Costco, where it's branded as "Logitech Performance Plus Mouse". I like it a lot (enough that I stockpiled a spare last time it went on sale) but I don't really ever use the sideways scroll; pushing the wheel sideways just doesn't feel very natural.
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Warning: I have a 2017 MacBook pro and had lots of problems with the Logitech MX Master. There was frequent lagging with the pointer, sometimes severe. It seems to be a common problem.
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Breaking news: after leaving the Magic Mouse on my desk with no batteries in it, I decided to try it again and it works! It's next level turning it off and back on again.
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Extra breaking news. It turns out that one of the sets of rechargeable batteries I was using has one bad battery! The next battery rotation brought back the "broken" state...
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