Show me the natural beauty of Mexico
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I find myself without a home in Mexico for three weeks so I thought I’d go poke around. I like natural beauty, generally on a grand scale. Difficulty: I can not leave Mexico, and I’d prefer to stay out of the western areas for safety reasons.
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One of the most beautiful places I have ever been is Agua Azul, which is also close to Palenque and Misol Ha

Damn now I really want to go back there...
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I haven't been to either of these places yet, but Copper Canyon (you can take the train!) and Orizaba are at the top of my list for the next time I get the land-based wanderlust.
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Aw heck that third link to Misol Ha was supposed to go here, sory! it's a really cool place because you can swim in the pool under the waterfall, but the closer you get to the fall the more it's like swimming into an intense thunderstorm. You couldn't swim under the water if you tried, the wind and rain just push you back out.
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Is it all possible for you to get over to Baja? Did a road trip there a few years ago, and remember being very taken with the natural beauty of the peninsula, in particular Cataviña and Mulege. Apologies I haven't kept up on whether or not this area is still relatively safe or not.
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I would consider Baja quite safe north of La Paz. It's certainly safe to fly into La Paz or San Jose del Cabo and drive north, but you can also fly into Loreto, which is a pretty town in a gorgeous area. Mulegé is not far north of Loreto. Further north, there are cave paintings, extinct volcanos, and a lot of open space. Lots of beach camping options from Loreto to Santa Rosalía.
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We found the Yucatan peninsula very beautiful, especially driving around to see the smaller, less busy Maya ruins. But we took the train too (see bricoleur’s links as the internet gods are slow today) and stopped at various points on the Copper Canyon for a few days each time. It was gorgeous and fun and I highly recommend it. If you’re after grand scale, you’ve got it in spades. Get in touch if you’d like more info; was there a few months ago and loved Mexico so much.
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I haven’t been, but Legal Nomad blog makes Oaxaca extremely compelling
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Just an edit, for posterity: All the beach camping options I referred to above are between Mulegé and Loreto. Nada between Mulegé and Santa Rosalía.
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