Column/pedestal/plinth shopping? halp
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I'm shopping for a birthday gift for my partner, and playing off an idea she's had for decorating her place, wanted to find a roughly waist-high column to display things on- flowers in a vase, the wireless router with a plaque reading THE INTERNET, that kind of thing. But: like how though

I'm not sure what kind of materials or suppliers I should be looking at, and the price range I'm seeing on Amazon is massive, ranging from around $35 on the low end to many times that. I don't really know what would be appropriate for weight and stability for indoor use, either.

If it's any help at all, I think a white or off-white finish, and a Corinthian or maybe Ionic look would work best.
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You probably want something heavier (so not hollow plastic) so that it won't be knocked over easily--look at the shipping weight. Because of that, if you are going to order online, you'll want free shipping. I have seen these at local home decor and craft stores. Michaels, Pier One, Home Goods, etc. more people than you might think want these. If you want something in cement, then look at large garden stores.
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If you're crafty, here's a great tutorial on how to make one of of wood and pool noodles. It's very convincing.
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I once got my mom something almost exactly like FirstMateKate's link at a nursery/garden store.
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yeah, you want a specialist nursery/gardening store, or at least a big box store that has a large garden department, like lowe's.
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If you are concerned about weight, plaster might hit the sweet spot between plastic and cement. You might need to coat it with something to seal it.
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As an aside, making THE INTERNET isn't that hard, either.
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If you have an architectural salvage store near you, you might be able to find what you're looking for there. Salvage is great because you generally get pretty high quality for a pretty low price.
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I swear I've seen plaster columns for sale at Hobby Lobby and Garden Ridge. I bought one ages ago for some art thing I was doing in school. I had painted it gold and it's now in my parents backyard where it still stands, though a bit weathered from years in the sun.

Local art supply stores also sometimes have the more boxy kind made from wood you often see in galleries and museums, though, much more expensive.
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Design Toscano is an online retailer that sells all kinds of columns and plinths for both indoor and outdoor use.
Some of their indoor columns are made of marble or wood, as well as the less expensive cast resin.

Sign up to get their emails because they regularly run 20% and/or free shipping deals for their subscribers.

I've purchased outdoor cast resin statuary from them and have been very satisfied with what I've gotten. The pieces are well cast, have good detail, are heavy enough to be stable and hold up well.

(They also sell an incredible amount of kitsch, for anyone looking to install a Yeti or ET or dinosaur statue or something similarly offbeat in their garden.)
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Wedding suppliers is where I would start.
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I've seen plaster versions in the floral department at A.C
Moore (big box craft store). Not sure of the price, though.
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And they maaay have been resin rather than plaster.
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