Find record of a recent marriage?
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Find record of a recent marriage? Massachusetts?

A friend asked me if I knew how to get records of a marriage - a recent marriage (she thinks someone got married to someone for immigration reasons). She's curious because it's the girlfriend of her son that she thinks is already married.

I have first and last name of woman and possibly last name of groom.

Is it public record??

(Boy I hope that made sense!)
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Don't know about Mass. but in Nevada, marriage records are kept by the county
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Best answer: Its the city or town Clerk who handles marriage licenses in MA.
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Response by poster: Thanks!

Called clerk and got info.
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So, was she married?
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Public records regulations vary from state to state, county to county, city to city. Best bet is if you know (or suspect) the county, to physically go to the county recorders office.

* Registry of Vital Records and Statistics
* or their Mass page
* Massachusetts Document Retrieval or more specific info at their Marriage Certificate search page

You could also hire a private investigator (helpful and not too expensive) or use an online public records search service (even less expensive, but also probably less helpful).

If you think this is a very quiet arrangement, the normal suggestion of searching newspaper archives won't work.

I'm pretty sure knowing the county (or narrowing it down) is going to help you a lot.
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Response by poster: yup.
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Just because she got a marriage license doesn't mean she got married. You need to get a copy of the Certificate of Marriage to be sure.
Just making sure you realize there is a major difference between the two. :)
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Response by poster: whoda

good point...based on some already gathered info- pretty good chance they went thru with it.

Thanks all.
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You might be able to confirm the marriage if there is a public record of the immigration filings for the spouse. Might be worth a look.
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