Oz-related Halloween costumes for hot weather
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My kids are doing Wizard of Oz costumes. My teenage son would like to be the lion/scarecrow/tin man or ? (coordinating with his sister, who will be Dorothy). We live in hot weather and he hates being hot, so warm costumes are bad. I was hoping for a simple costume that involved shorts and maybe a hat or mask. Any recommendations? Happy to make the costume, just need inspiration for something that won't make him sweat.

(he also hates having to explain his costume, so flying monkeys are probably off the table unless it is super clear)
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I'd do the Tin Man in the lightest silver gauze you can find - it's not shorts, but it should be plenty cool. A funnel-hat spray-painted silver and face paint if he wants it and you're good to go. (Qualification: froze my ass off in full-coverage store-bought ninja costumes two years running.)
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DIY lions' manes on Pinterest

That plus loose t-shirt and shorts of the right color and maybe some minimal face paint (nose, lips, whiskers) and you're a recognizable lion.
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(There are plenty of other mane tutorials out there using tulle, fleece, felt, yarn, etc.)
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Honestly the flying monkey is a great option, because the monkeys don't even wear pants. A vest (probably with tanktop underneath), a hat, some wings and some facepaint, maybe a tail attached to his shorts, and he's good. If he's feeling really ambitious, some hairy 'gorilla paw' gloves could be added. Since he's attending in his sister's company, his costume should be pretty obvious -- the hat and the vest have distinctive patterns.

You could also go the Tin Man route restless_nomad suggests above, but just have him wear silver sneakers, grey shorts and long socks (or body paint, depending on how hairy his legs are). It's the funnel-hat that really makes the costume. Or Scarecrow in shorts -- just glue some straw around the cuffs of the shorts.
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Tornado costume (tomato cage, airy tulle)
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The Wizard himself could be played with a top hat, vest or tails, and dress shorts. Seems pretty self explanatory (next to a Dorothy) to me but hisMMV, you can probably get everything but the top hat for $20 at the thrift store, spend another $5-10 on a costume top hat.
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Toto! Dog ear headband, dog nose painted on with brown eyeliner, brown tshirt, brown shorts. Tail optional.

The best part: He’s probably sick of saying TRICKERTREEEET as a teen — all he’d have to do is bark at people. Roooowrruff!

I’d happily give a Snickers for that.
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a rainbow?
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You could do almost any of the characters with shorts and a mask, although the tin man is maybe a stretch unless there's also lots of silver body paint. The scarecrow's clothes can be shredded for extra breathability. His whole look is about being raggedy. The cowardly lion could have a yellowish shirt and shorts and maybe some body paint on his limbs. For fun he could also have some hairy gloves with claws and maybe some paw shoes!

With either character you might not need a mask. Scarecrow and cat faces are both classic facepaint things and you can find many tutorials online.
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Toto! Dog ear headband, dog nose painted on with brown eyeliner, brown tshirt, brown shorts. Tail optional.

And a collar with a big tag that says "Toto," just in case somebody doesn't get it.
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Scarecrow wouldn't be too difficult to pull off with some thin / airy / linen clothes. Hat, oversized shirt, oversized trousers, a little face paint. He'd be covered, but not too warm with the right fabric.
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I think my son is going as the tornado this year. You can make the tornado out of batting and just attach it to a t-shirt and pants like so. You could be creative and put it on poster board with a loop to go around his head so he could take it on or off easily, or it could be attached directly to clothes with no rigid backing and be very flexible.
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If the daughter is easily identifiable as Dorothy - blue gingham dress, red shoes, dark pigtails - then the teenage son's costume only has to *suggest* the other classic character; this is a benefit of choosing something so recognizable. For example: grey shorts, grey tank top (with red heart painted or pinned on), grey or silver face paint, and the funnel hat will be recognizable as Tin Man. Similar for the Lion: yellow, orange or tan shorts, matching tank top/t-shirt, face paint, and a lion mane wig.
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