Safari extension that replaces keyword(s) with my own word/phrase
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This should be SO simple: is there a Safari extension that will replace a word or phrase with one of my choosing? Fake example: whenever the word "dog" occurs on a page, replace it with "fluffy happy beast" so I never have to see the word "dog" again. Searching the Safari Extensions hasn't yielded any results for me but surely this exists.

Basically I want to censor the web but only for a handful of words that personally make me really bummed out, I don't want to block profanity or porn/nudity.

I know this exists for other browsers and am looking only for a solution for Safari.
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Without knowing if it works with the new Safari (most recent update put additional restrictions up for extensions), this one looks fairly easily hackable for whatever you like. Just a bunch of regex that's not bad to backwards-engineer.

Here's another, even simpler.
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Clarification: I reeaaaaalllly don't want to have to take an existing extension and modify it (though I forgot about the Millenials > Snake People thing and will totes install that anyway.)
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Actually, that "snake people" extension no longer works, supercres, so I should further clarify that the extension needs to be in the Safari Extensions store to work for my purposes.
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As of right now, at least, Tampermonkey works in Safari 12. I switched to it for my own custom Javascript needs after the thing I was previously using to run userscripts was effectively killed off by the new restrictions. You'd have to install that and then find, edit, or create a userscript that did the word substitution you want, but it's definitely capable of enabling the behavior you want.
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For anyone reading this in the future: I just finally got annoyed enough to solve this issue today by editing a script. While there wasn't an actual extension or Tampermonkey script that just did what I wanted, I was able to very easily edit this dubious (possibly MRA created?) Tampermonkey script to do what I wanted with my own find/replace terms.

Annoyingly, this script called "Replace Text on Websites" that is exactly what I wanted did not work and the reviews indicate it never did.

It was super easy to do this in Chrome using this extension, but I prefer Safari for most of my web browsing so it's great to have found a solution. Thanks for nudging me in the direction of Tampermonkey!
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