Quiet place to meet bio-dad for the first time, gluten-free-MA-edition
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This was me. After a crazy year, I've met most of my half-sibs, tracked down the sperm donor, and he's coming to Boston to meet with all of us next month (!!). Where can six people go on a Saturday afternoon near Brookline and/or the Mass Pike to get to know each other that has some good gluten free options?

Also for those curious, answers to initial questions were 1) No help at all, they only keep records for 10 years for non-regular-patients. 2) I did finally tell my mom and she did not know, is completely floored and confused but very supportive and we're both weirdly excited for this crazy new chapter of my life.
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I wish I had a good answer for where to eat, but I just want to say I hope the meeting goes great. What a whirlwind, and how wonderful that your mother is supportive!
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Here are some spots with GF options:

Regal Beagle - intimate setting bistro (small, get a reservation)
Fugakyu - large but possibility of privacy sushi restaurant
OTTO - casual, bright, cheery pizza place (local chain, but the best GF pizza I've ever had)

Excited for you!
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