Looking for small fuzzy stuffed toy airplane
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I have a friend who is afraid to fly, but is going to have to go on a long flight in a cargo plane for work reasons. She likes stuffed animals, so I wanted to give her a small stuffed plane to hang onto if things get rough. However, my Google-fu is completely failing me! Surely such a thing exists? (Snowflake details of exactly what I'm looking for inside)

It needs to be:

1) Small, since she won't have space to carry something bigger. I'm thinking keychain size (it could _be_ a keychain).
2) Plush with "fur", not crocheted. In my experience, crocheted things just don't have the right squooshability.
3) Cute. My personal preference is for "cute, not cutesy", but anything reasonably cheerful looking would be OK.
4) Pre-made. Any attempt by me to sew something cute is doomed to go terribly wrong.
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Like this?

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I find a fair number if I search for "plush plane". Are these not small enough? They look like they're good and squooshy, with variable levels of cuteness.
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Size is the issue...I have found (and, indeed, own) a number of cute fuzzy planes, but they all seem to be in the 9-12" range, and that's a pretty big object to fit into your luggage for an international trip where you need to travel light. I'm thinking pocket/purse sized.
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Can you get something custom on Etsy?
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Wow, this is hard. I can picture in my head exactly what you're looking for—like Beanie Baby sized? I found this on eBay (and there are some other listings for the same item). Otherwise I think you're going to have to go the knit/crochet route on Etsy (which is pretty cute IMHO), or get a little plastic toy.
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7" plush plane party favor at Etsy.

What is your budget? This $30 Target crib mobile has small plush planes you could detach.

Etsy has inexpensive patterns for crib mobile planes, if you're open to DIY.

3.5" Felted Stuffed Airplane (Note - Etsy shop will leave out toy squeaker within by request)

4.7" Squishies Plane (More like a stress toy, which is another avenue.)
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This one is about 6 inches long.
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Maybe a sqeezable stress toy, like this one? There are many.
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radioamy, I totally forgot to specifically search eBay! They still didn't have _exactly_ what I was imagining, but I have bought this little guy:

Thanks to everyone for your recommendations!
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Drat, I'm too late. I was just about to direct you to this page where they're selling a number of plush airplane keychains.
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