Small men's bag sought, inquire within
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I'm updating my wardrobe and I would like some help finding a decent small bag with some internal structure as well as a nice exterior. Must be available in the UK.

Hi metafilter. After an extended hiatus I am back for your excellent advice. I am revising my wardrobe to look like I belong in 2018 and not 1998, and I am in the market for a small bag for basic items - phone, keys, wallet etc, maybe a book. I would very much like something that has both a decent appearance, and good organisation - so far I have only been able to find bags with one or the other, not both. Here are a couple of examples on that front:

GREAT organisation internally, looks... not so amazing

Looks decent, but is just one big cavern inside

That should give you some idea of budget too as those were both what I'd consider reasonably priced. I am looking for an understated, casual appearance, I definitely do not want anything shouty. Being able to ride my bike comfortably with it would be a bonus. Leather exterior definitely not a requirement, would be just as happy with canvas, possibly more so.
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If you are really thinking of just a phone, keys, wallet, and book, I'd think your second one is fine for that. The keys and wallet go in the zipper pocket, the book and phone in the other. No big deal. If you have a smaller phone, you can consider putting that in front as well.

I've been using a Tom Bihn Medium Cafe bag like that for years and I think it's really all the organization you need. Organization starts to matter when you add a pen, chapstick, some gum, some pills, phone charger, battery pack, etc. In that case, I actually added a small case inside to keep those things in order inside my bag.
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How about this one, or this one. Understated appearance and organiser pockets inside.
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I've had good experiences with Peak Design. They make camera bags which do not scream Photographer, and are very internally configurable. I don't have their 5L sling, but it might fit what you're looking for.
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I'm a big fan of Freitag bags. My daily is an Ottendorfer in army green, but I have 16 others of various sizes all the way up to carry-on luggage. The Masikura is another daily driver, but too small for any book.
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