Decent brunch in Times Square?
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I'm going to a Broadway play this Sunday, but will need to eat first. What's a decent, non-awful place to go to with my family that's near the theater on 41st Street?

This Sunday I'm seeing a Broadway play with my mom and sisters, which will be so fun! Less fun is having to eat in Times Square, which is just... the worst. God I hate Times Square.

Can anyone suggest a restaurant around there (41st and 7th) that is nice and quiet and calm and pretty and uncrowded? I realize this is a tall order. My family can walk a little but.... I really dont want to bring them on a subway since they're taking a two hour train ride down as it is. I just don't want some loud, hectic, gigantic diner. Our show is at two, so figure around Noon, which of course is prime brunch time and everywhere will be packed. Help!
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If you don't mind walking 10 minutes, I like the eggs at Venisalvi (38th and 8th).

Have not tried the brunch here but Boqueria is pretty decent (40th and 8th).
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I was looking for something similar recently and went to Ortzi - it's on 41st b/w Broadway and 6th I recall. It's in a hotel, and not the most fun atmosphere, but the food was fine, it was quiet, they took reservations, and it wasn't empty just not bustling.
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I had brunch before a show at Saju on 44th Street this summer and it was very lowkey (and tasty).
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I enjoyed Lilly's (47th and 9th) in a similar situation. They take reservations and I recall it being pretty quiet (and non-Times Squarey) around noonish.
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Sardi's is good for this. It's reasonably quiet, the food is pretty good, and it's a part of theater history that your Mother, at least, might appreciate. I've taken my Midwestern parents there and they got a kick out of it. Haven't been there for brunch though. You have to call to make a reservation.
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I like Parker and Quinn at 64 W 39th St.
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I've been to Nizza (9th between 44th and 45th) for a pre-theater dinner and it was great. I can't vouch for their brunch, but our dinner featured good food, really good service, and reasonable prices. It doesn't feel like it's as close to Times Square as it is. And according to this article, it's a favorite of some Broadway performers.
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Bea on 43rd could work for you. They take reservations, and have a brunch menu. If you want to go old-school, you might try The Hourglass Tavern on 46th -- more of a walk, but it's a nice little bit of Broadway dining history, and it's so tiny that it physically can't get all that crowded. I've never been for brunch, but they do have a brunch menu, and I'm pretty sure they take reservations. (And unlike a lot of places, they don't do bottomless brunch, which can help reduce the oh-god-brunch-is-the-worst factor)
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Saju was the winner! Thanks everyone - my family and I had a lovely brunch.
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