Online support groups for fibromyalgia
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Does anyone know any communities online centered around fibromyalgia that are active and supportive? I checked out r/fibromyalgia and it seemed kind of active, but not as active as I'd like. A discord would be cool too.
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I would check Facebook. A lot of groups seem to have moved there. Also not a “group” exactly but Instagram has a very active chronic illness community and people often tag their posts with their conditions and list them in their profiles. I’ve found a lot of supportive people there.
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Are you on Ravelry? There's a group there, Chronic Bitches, for conditions including fibromyalgia. I've only lurked so can't say more than that.
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Came in with the same suggestion as Crystalinne: check out Facebook groups. There's a lot of supportive communities there. (even if you just have to make a throw-away account, it may be worth it.)

Some groups are/can be hidden or secret, so it can take some digging. You might need to know someone to get invited in.
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If you use Twitter at all, you could check out tags like #Spoonie or #SpoonieChat. It doesn't have the cohesiveness of a message board or Facebook group, but chronically ill people gather there and share stories.
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