Help my face survive my bike commute
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Please hit me up with your recommendations for an everyday moisturizer with SPF that won't slide off my face at the first hint of heat during my bike commute.

I ride a bike to work. Before I leave in the morning, I apply a moisturizing sunscreen. However, by the time I am even halfway to the office, it has melted off. I need something reasonably priced that will protect my face all day, without having to reapply at work. (I already carry plenty of stuff in my bag, so I don't want to have to remember one more thing, or keep two containers in stock.) Currently I use Trader Joe's SPF 15. I have used Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer 30 SPF in the past, and I love it, but it's a bit too pricey for me right now.

I don't wear makeup these days, so it doesn't have to work well with that.

Bonus if it's something that I can buy in a store. I don't order stuff on Amazon, with the occasional exception.
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I use supergoop cc cream, spf 35, stays in all day despite sweat, great sun protection. It's sort of makeup, but is a kickass sunscreen. They also make just sunscreen.
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Ooh ooh!! Neutrogena HydroBoost sunscreen in 30 or 50...I use the 50 as a daily moisturizer and I LOVE it. Blends right in, non greasy, dries quickly and doesn’t feel heavy...I adore this stuff.
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I use Neutrogena Healthy Defense moisturizer with 50 SPF every day, and have for years. It works great, and is not too expensive, so it might be worth trying. I get it at Target.
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I have started using the mineral sunscreen that goes on as a powder, and love it. A couple of different brands make it, including SuperGoop and others. I started using it on my long runs during marathon training, and there used to be a company called SWEAT that made a great one (I think the company no longer exists though - or at least I have tried to find it again and not have had much luck). If you use the search term "powder mineral sunscreen", there seem to be a couple of good companies.
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Supergoop is great, and Coola is also a good brand if you'd rather try the powder-style daily sunscreen. Supergoop also has this touch up/setting spray that has SPF in it, and it's kind of spendy, but it's a nice and refreshing way to top up before heading back out at the end of the day.

I've been using the Cerave daily moisturizer/sunscreen lately, which is more like a traditional feeling lotion, and I like it—plus, a little goes a LONG way. It costs about as much as the Neutrogena sunscreen, but I like the feel of it a little more, personally. It feels like it absorbs on my face faster than the Neutrogena lotion does.

If you don't like the sound of powder OR lotion-style sunscreen, this Biore essence-style sunscreen basically melts into your skin and is like SPF50. A little spendy, but def worth it.

...why yes, I DO sunburn easily. Why do you ask?
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Daily cyclist in a quite humid summer climate (Ottawa Ontario) and I have great success with Olay Complete All-Day Moisturizer with SPF 30. I put on five pumps each morning and a bottle lasts me about a month (I use a different non-sunscreen moisturizer for night).
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I appreciate all the answers, thank you! I have been trying the Cerave for the past couple of weeks and it so far is working great, but the worst of the heat and humidity have passed (thank god), so I won’t be able to put anything to a real test till next year (but as bike commuters know, the sweat is year round).
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