Where can I find cotton A-line skirts in the UK?
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I want just above the knee or shorter all-cotton or mostly cotton A-line skirts -- American Apparel used to have good ones, & H&M occasionally has them. Where else can I get them in the UK (online or not) right now? Further details below.

I find synthetic fabrics too sweaty & I prefer A-line cuts without pockets generally. Not looking for denim or corduroy. I don't mind things that are mostly cotton with a bit of elastane or something for stretch, but I'm a little dubious of ones like this one on Amazon -- cotton-poly blends seem generally heavy on the poly & heavy on the sweatiness, & sometimes the skirts are just really thin & flimsy. I'm petite in case that makes a difference in your recs.

I didn't think it'd be this difficult to find a plain cotton a-line skirt, but it seems to be!
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ASOS or Zalando?
posted by catspajammies at 11:53 AM on September 20, 2018

Bonmarché - the quality can be variable but they usually have a range of A-line skirts in varying lengths and fabrics.
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Something wrong with Boden?
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The Gap seems to have a bunch that might work for you.
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Here ya go: Boden Dorchester Skirt. It's running at least one size bigger than their usual sizing, imo.
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Try Debenhams - I found some plain and printed skirts.
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I bought a couple of A line skirts from Hobbs. Although it's autumn/ winter season, so fabric generally runs wool or corduroy
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Thanks all -- Boden is great except the prices are generally out of my range. & yeah, I check Asos & Zalando from time to time but they actually don't often seem to have anything. Some of the other links look promising maybe (though definitely trying to avoid heavy fabrics, so no to wool or corduroy or even denim)!
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