Where can I find jackets like this?
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I keep seeing social media ads for attractive jackets, but they're all from scammy, low-quality drop-ship retailers. Where can I find similar jackets from legitimate, high-quality outlets?

These jackets look amazing. The reviews are awful! Apparently these sites are fronts for low-quality scams. But there have to be good jackets that look like this somewhere, right?



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There are some that look similar to your first link on Vulpine, a UK site (from which I bought a women's jacket several years ago, and can attest to the quality....which matches the price).

This sort of looks like your second link.
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For the first, I'd just search "Harrington", and you should find a lot of options. For the second, it's got enough going on I can't really think of a name for it. Asos/Zara type of places should have something that approximates it, though - it's a very fast fashion style.
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Marshall's/TJ Maxx/Ross all sell the high quality versions of these types of jackets, since smaller designers usually sell through them. Burlington Coat Factory is pretty great too.
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The second jacket looks similar to the Barbour Gillock Quilted Jacket. Not inexpensive, but the quality is very good. Barbour is sold at Nordstrom, but other places carry the brand, too.
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