Best way to get headboard for tempur-up bed?
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A couple years ago we bought a tempurpedic Up bed. This is different from the fully adjustable base. I found out that the headboard attachments that tempurpedic sells is not compatible with the Up base. So we have the mattress and base on the floor. This creates a problem because there is a gap between the wall and the bed. How can I get a headboard attached to this base?

We tried placing the mattress and base on top of a bed with slats (specifically the Emerson bed from west elm) but it created a bed that was overall too high - I had to jump to get onto it!

Alternatively, any specific bed recommendations that are *very* low and would therefore accommodate the base plus mattress without raising the overall bed height by more than a couple inches?
Or, a frame I can buy that goes around the base+mattress while keeping the base+mattress on the ground?

Tempurpedic customer service has proven unhelpful (“you can just build a bed around it”)

My main goal is to eliminate the gap between the wall and bed with a headboard, without raising the overall height of the bed more than a couple inches.

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As far as I can tell, the base is functionally a box spring... It's not intended to be the "bed" part. So you can get any bed you want and put the foundation & mattress in it. I didn't know your aesthetic so I don't have options but you might do a search for "low bed" or "low platform bed" and see if you like anything

Another option is a bed (with a headboard) that doesn't have any visible space under it where you can maybe remove the slats and put the foundation on the floor (invisibly) basically within the bed.

A third option is to get a wall-mounted headboard. These are usually going to be padded fabric panels that mount on the wall and you can just push the foundation against it. You can also diy this with some plywood, some foam, some fabric, and a staple gun.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Would love some specific recommendations for the remove slats and place foundation on floor option. I’ve looked but can’t find a bed that doesn’t have a bar or something in the way.
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I came to suggest a wall mounted headboard. If you place it a few inches below the top of the mattress, it will eliminate the gap or prevent the pillows from falling behind.
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What size bed? (Bigger beds are going to be a bit tricker to find sans-bar)
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Another alternative is to get a large piece of plywood, same width as the bed, and screw it to the head end of the base (assuming the base is wood which you can get screws into - if it's metal you might drill holes & use bolts). I've done this successfully; we covered the plywood in pretty fabric with foam rubber under. You can even make the plywood a fancy shape.
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Something like this?
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