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Hi all - can you help me identify organizations that are like this one? The key things that stand out to me are these: the work of the organization involves data science to some degree; the mission is a beneficial one; the people employed by the organization are diverse and have different but complementary educational and professional backgrounds; the projects seem intellectually challenging. The context for my question is that I am trying to help someone with a background in economics/data find a new job that makes the world a better place, is interesting and engaging, and offers the possibility that coworkers will become friends.
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Your friend may want to check out
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Datakind - looking for an exec director.
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I assume they've filled this job by now, but he might want to look at news organizations looking to incorporate data science into their work, like ProPublica.
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The Data Quality Campaign has a great job open.

This firm recruits for openings for federal government civilian agency contracts. This position in particular looks good.

AIR would be a great place to work, and the Pew organizations do a lot of this kind of thing.
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RTI International is a global non-profit based in Raleigh, NC with 12 other US offices, one of the best employers in the US, with a mission around improving the human condition. Here's a list of 60+ current job openings matching the keyword "data".
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If your friend's interest goes toward healthcare, you might want to search for population health or accountable care organization data analyst positions. Most of these positions will be with local non-profit hospitals or healthcare systems.
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I have known of many positions in government (particularly local government) that fit that bill. Pretty much every agency has some sort of statistics/analysis office, with varying levels of sophistication.
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Does the mission of the organization have to include data science? I ask because most large (like, national or international, with staffs of, say, 150 or more) organizations have data teams. And a lot of the work is more like data management than analysis, but most of those orgs will have one or two analysts and/or data visualization specialists, and the really sophisticated organizations will have more. These jobs can be found on the aforementioned Idealist.
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Most good-sized universities have miscellaneous research centers that do this. I've worked at many of them without being faculty, including this one in Seattle. You can find them by searching "research centers " such as these at UBuffalo. Some will be quite small and rarely hire; others (like my own, redacted) will have around 25 people and hire a couple people per year; others are big and constantly hiring. The medium to large ones are more likely to be interdisciplinary.
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