Pinterest-type software for audio/video/text - for songwriting?
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I keep track of a bunch of media for songwriting purposes. YouTube videos, full songs or audio samples (mp3s), visual art, lyrics - full or fragments, poems, quotes. Does there exist a Pinterest-like tool where I can assemble them all in a grid and sort by various criteria, create new boards, etc? Does Evernote do this?
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Tumblr + a grid theme + tags?
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If you are interested in hacking on an open source project, I've been doing something vaguely similar with pinry (modifying it to function as a dream board tool). It's fun!

I imagine you could strip out/hide unnecessary features, and probably host audio on SoundCloud and embed the soundcloud player (or modify to include local audio embeds natively). As it's built on Django, you can host and run it locally -- or if you wanted to get fancy with your process, you could buy a Raspberry Pi and deploy the Django app there for a local network-accessible mini songwriting server.
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Response by poster: @elephantsvarnish: thanks for sharing this. A bit too fiddly for me to run myself, but a great project.
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