Asset management training: What can it do for me?
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For the last three months I've been running a tool tracking program for a mid-size fabrication and engineering company. We design, build, and maintain liquid process systems like dairies and breweries. I have exceeded expectations, and the senior management is looking to hand over more responsibilities incrementally. I'm curious about whether AMCL certification and ISO 55000 training would be useful.

My company is having me take the OSHA-30 course and take over elements of the safety coordination with the goal of me being, among other things, the company's safety coordinator in a couple years. They've also been talking with a guy who specializes in risk management, and that person might be contracted to train me in some techniques. Yesterday in my 3-month evaluation I told my boss I'd like to someday oversee all the company's assets; it was a bold statement, I know, but he seemed to approve of the idea. "That's good to know," he said.

Anyway, they're willing to pay to train me in whatever might benefit the company. After Googling around for information about asset management, the IAM-endorsed AMCL Certification seemed like a possible way to get my foot in the door of asset management. Any thoughts?
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I don't know anything specific about your situation, but, in general, certificates are only important for getting hired, or, in a minority of situations, promoted. Training is mostly a good thing unless 1) it's not going to be relevant or 2) management is so set their ways that you will never be able to bring what you learn to bear.
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Search job boards for each certification to see how industry standard they are, and whether each would result in more- or less-desirable future job options.
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