Tool for bulk-reporting abusive tweets?
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I report antisemitic and racist tweets using Twitter's browser interface. I can usually find several tweets to check off in the first up-to-five box, but when I find an abusive one further down the timeline, subsequent boxes show the new tweet along with the same few recent tweets. It gets quite tedious to report an account with many abusive tweets because it takes six clicks for each one. Is there a tool or plugin that makes this easier? When I do a Twitter search for, e.g., "jew: @account" it would be nice to be able to select and report many at once.
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This does not exist. Twitter doesn't really care about reporting abuse and they will basically only sort of look at what you send. I find the best plan is to get other people, preferably very active (and/or verified) Twitter users to also report the tweet. Being one person reporting one person's seven tweets is less useful than being ten people reporting one person's two tweets.
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Response by poster: Great, thanks for volunteering! ;)
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Absolutely will help!
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There are probably more than a few MeFites who'd be happy to help if there's a good way to send up the bat-signal.
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Response by poster: My Twitter handle is in my profile. Contact me and I'll be happy to send DMs with the handles of problematic accounts (DMs won't tip off the targets to block us).
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