Hand Me a Logo?
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Isn't there a famous logo with two hands cupping a ball of some sort? I can't seem to place it. It looks vaguely like this or this.
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Those examples remind me of the United Way logo, but aren't that similar
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United Way was my first guess too. Second guess: are you thinking of the Allstate logo? Cupped hands, but they aren't holding anything.
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Any chance the ball you're thinking of is Earth? I think I've seen Earth Day graphics that look like what you describe.
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A lot of credit unions use this logo or some variant.
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Old Oil of Olay logo?
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Stuck in hospital without access to my stuff (and unreliable wifi) but hands in that shape often seem to represent "care" and a ball between them "environment". Searching environmental care logo brings up a number of options.
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It's possible you're thinking of the UNICEF logo? Not cupped hands, but a laurel wreath that certainly suggests hands.
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Are you thinking of the American Chemistry Council "responsible care" logo? (scroll down)
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Allstate Insurance
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Yea, I agree that there are a ton of Earth Day and recycling logos with these elements, many available as free clipart, which you see a lot in the lead-up to and on April 22 every year.

Maybe the Santa Barbara earth day logo?
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This has been bugging me all day. My first thought was this was somehow related to PBS underwriting but of the usual suspects for that the closest I've been able to find is an older National Endowment for the Arts logo, which is not really hands and not really what I am seeing in my mind's eye (which is a line drawing revealed through a wipe).
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