What can I cook with shaved steak?
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Once every few months, I get a pound or so of shaved steak in my meat CSA. I know it's beef, but I'm not sure of the cut other than what it says on the label -- "Shaved steak." It's cut extremely thin -- so thin that it's often torn. Over the past year, I've made the obvious (Philly cheesesteaks), and have also tried it in pho and in gyudon, but I've run out of ideas. What else can I make with shaved steak?
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There are so many things you can do with shaved steak. It may be a little thin for bulgogi, depending on your butcher, but try it! (The beef-and-scallion rolls recipe in the linked article is also excellent.)
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Might be a little too thin but you could try negimaki.
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Hot Pot?
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My current fave is japchae. Korean sweet potato noodles have a unique texture, and the recipe is basically stir-fry served over the noodles.

thin sliced beef should really work with any stir-fry recipe i would think
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You could cumin it up and have a beef version of rou jia mo?
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Teriyaki would probably work.
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My default would be tacos, but also seconding bulgogi. A bolognese-style sauce would work.
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Stir fry. Make sure to lightly coat the beef in cornstarch (which tenderizes the meat... somehow) and then marinate it in whatever sauce you're going to use for the finished dish, because the meat will cook in probably under a minute at the very end and you want it to be flavorful. I think a little bit, and I mean just a little bit, of Chinese five spice powder on the meat adds a nice depth of flavor. The vegetables in the stir fry can be whatever you've got, although I think some broccoli florets, pole-sliced onions, and sliced dried black mushrooms (reconstituted in water and sherry) would be especially nice.

Damn, now I'm hungry. And I just ate.
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German rouladen, or some deconstruction thereof into sandwich form.
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In the north of the Nordic countries, there’s shaved reindeer (renskav), often prepared as sautéed reindeer.
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You might be able to use it in version of Carbonnade flamande.
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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone -- there's a whole bunch of recipes here I never would have thought of. I'm no longer dreading my next package of shaved steak!
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Makes a damn good pizza topping.
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My dad always made the best steak sandwiches: Heat steak in a pan with butter and some garlic salt, put on toasted bun with mayo and lettuce. Easy and tasty!
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