I need an Android app for tracking PT exercises
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I need a checklist of exercise tracking app that works specifically for PT exercises.

I have a half-dozen exercises I'm supposed to do 3x per week each. And I'm terrible at actually doing them. So i need a simple app that lets me configure a list of exercises and check them of daily when i do each one. And I need to be able to see how many times I've done each exercise.

I'm sure there are tons of checklist-type apps for Android out there, but I haven't found one quite like this. Have you used an app that does this? Any suggestions?
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I'm using FitNotes, which is a free. It has a standard list of exercises that you can add to a workout routine, and you can also create new exercises if you need to. It does pretty basic analysis of the number of workouts, number of times you perform different types of exercises (legs, back) as well as the number of times you've done a specific exercise. I'm pretty happy with it, it's helped me remember to do my physical therapy more often.
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Habit Loop might satisfy your needs.
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Strong (it's just called Strong) might work for you -- although you might have to add some of the less body-builder-y apps by yourself.
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I used Simple Workout Log for exactly this! You can make custom entries, there are stats, it's very easy to use, I loved it (am now on iOS). However, it's not a checklist app. It's a workout app that feels like a notebook.
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