Daycare/childcare in Providence, RI for four days next week?
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My two-year-old and I will be in Providence for four days next week to take care of a relative. I will also be working from home during that time. Is there a drop-in daycare or a childcare provider in the area who would take good care of my precious kraken for four days next week?

The kraken turned two in July and is currently in daycare (and LOVES it) so this would not be new or unusual for her. I'm not going to be too picky for four days but of course I want somewhere safe, clean, and loving.

My best case scenario would probably be something like a home daycare on the east side of Providence where she could drop in just for four days, but that might not be possible. A nanny or something would also be great if that's more feasible. My top priority is her having somewhere to be with a grownup who isn't me while I try to get some work done, and I'd also like her to be with other toddlers if possible. I'm happy to answer questions and thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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If you don't have a lot of time to research this, is always an option, albeit expensive.
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PM me if you're open to a nanny. My sister, who cared for our niece, now lives in Providence and is not working next week and it's the sort of thing she'd love to do! (She's 36, it's not like she's bunking off school :D)
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I have used a couple of times and it was awesome!
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Thanks everyone! Someone MeMailed me with a suggestion that will work well for us so I'm going with that but I really appreciate the answers -- DarlingBri, thanks to your sister!
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