Find a special slanted wooden spoon-type-thing?
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My husband's favorite wooden cooking implement has worn down, and he said "it would impossible" to find another one. "Oh ho," I said, "clearly you don't know the magic that is Ask Metafilter." He said the spoon is called a "Pumpkin G Mother" spoon and may be from Japan. It is a wooden implement with a slanted top. Here is a picture of the thingy in its current, battered form. Can you find this spoon, or a reasonable facsimile thereof?
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This maybe?

Or this?

posted by The otter lady at 8:07 PM on September 17

Something like this?. Not sure of the angle is sharp enough though.
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10 inches of spoonatula?

How big is your husband's spoon/spatula?
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This guy on Etsy could maybe make one exactly
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The term I'm seeing for this is "saute paddle" -- but not sure if this one is close enough in the features he wants to replicate.
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My searches have led me to the term shamoji or rice paddle. Here is one such I found on amazon.
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Bamboo stir fry spatula

If you have a Chinatown near you, I'm sure the housewares stores there would carry a variety of wooden/bamboo spatulas.
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It’s for sure bamboo... I’d probably find a flat slanted bamboo spatula and then cut or sand it down to match the shape of the original if it’s the shape that he really wants. To me, bamboo implements and vastly superior to any other wood, is it possible that its the material he likes and not the shape so much?

Like this one maybe.

Or this one, which is not out of stock. :-/
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I was your husband 4 years ago! And this is what I found (and bought 5 of):
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Here is link to an online shop that sells Japanese Utensils- and there seem to be a few that might be a very close match.
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It's a wooden rice paddle. I found similar ones at Walmart of all places.
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When my old one of those eventually wore down to a nub, I made a replacement from a discarded hardwood fence paling using an electric jig saw, a belt sander, and linseed oil. Still have it. Works well.
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Also, is he puling our legs about the name?
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I have this Helen Chen bamboo stir-fry spatula, which I love despite the Asian-shit-for-white-people branding: it's really excellent quality bamboo, fits my hand perfectly, and is only six bucks. I got it as an impulse buy from Ace Hardware six or seven years ago, but you can find it on Amazon, too. My partner (the primary cook in our households, & Japanese himself) missed it so much that when I took it with me when I moved, I got him an identical one as a present.
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Maybe a porridge spoon would work?
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This looks very, very similar.
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Thanks all for the recommendations and some new keywords to try! I have passed this along and will see if any of these work. They seem like great candidates to me.
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I would get this this because it has a built-in rest.
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Late with this, but a two-fer to add to your list of suspects.
posted by taz at 1:15 AM on October 8

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