I wish I had time to thank you properly...
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In the midst of a massively over-scheduled month from hell, my car (which I absolutely need for work/school/etc.) needs to go to the mechanic for at least a week. A friend is very kindly lending me her car. My question: how do I thank her? I have no time to do anything thoughtful (wash it, detail it, etc.), but I'm so appreciative. I'm happy to spend some money for this, but on what?
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There are mobile detail services -- they come to where your car is parked and do the detailing there. Maybe there's one of those near you?
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My rule of thumb whenever I need to borrow a car—no matter for how long or how many or few miles I drive, or how full the tank was when I borrowed it—is to ALWAYS return it with a full tank of gas. No exceptions. Other than that—maybe a gift card to a car wash, oil change shop, or a gas card?
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Prepaid gas card?
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If you're located somewhere winter is coming, there are also mobile services that will install remote starters and seat warmers.

However, you may think that a car-related improvement implies that you found your friend's car to be deficient. So what about some massage sessions, a gift certificate to your town's best restaurant, tickets to a show, or things like that you can order online?

Related idea if your friend loves to drive: one of those experience offerings where you either get to drive an exotic car or learn a new skill, e.g., drifting, handbrake turns, etc.
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Definitely make sure the tank is full when you return it. If nothing else, do that.

I like the idea of a gift card/etc. for an oil change but that may depend if she goes somewhere regularly (I mean, I just take mine to whatever Jiffy Lube is nearby but that's not everyone).

It may or may not work for you, depending on the circumstances, but you could also offer to wash the car yourself or take it to one of the self-serve wash places.

But also consider typical friend thank-you things -- a bottle of decent wine, some baked goods, a nice dinner out. Those things are separate from the car aspect but also show your appreciation.
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I would do the mobile wash/detail service (generally you get alerted when they're there and you take them the keys, so you should only have to step away for a minute a couple of times, or if you have a good front desk at work you might be able to get them to hand off).
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Is she someone who doesn’t really spend a lot of time in her car (and that’s why it’s available to loan)?

Maybe something for her home - call a florist and order some thank you flowers?
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Car detail places may also have gift packages. Personally I would much prefer to be in charge of who or what was going in my car and not have it cleaned without my knowledge. A gift or gas card for car services is also good.
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Full tank of gas and see if she has something onapublic amazon wish list that you could order.
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samthemander has a great point that if they have a car free to lend easily, they may not be emotionally invested in the vehicle to the extent that they'd actually care much whether it was freshly washed/detailed, so agree, no need to stick with the car theme.
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Opposite point: I am so not into my car. I hate having a car. I also HATE dealing with getting it washed/detailed. If a friend did this for me (borrowed it and returned it super clean) I would love them forever. I cannot think of a better gift (if you can swing it using a mobile solution).
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I've lent my car out before to friends and the norm seems to be getting it back with a full tank of gas + something additional that's small like a dinner out or additional gas gift card. I've received a $25 gift card to Starbucks before, and I thought it was a nice gesture. I can't say I would've been averse to somebody getting the car detailed for me either. It really is the thought that counts!
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Fill the tank and give them a Starbucks gift card for $15. (Source: have been a car loaner more than once, and I thought that was generous of the borrower.)
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