"top 20" style article about debating/discussing with men?
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I'm looking for an article (Buzzfeed, maybe?) that contained a bulleted list of tactics (some) men (allegedly) use when debating with women. It included items like "shift the goalposts" but it was *not* a generic list of debate fallacies. It was, admittedly, a biased listicle, but boy did it describe a very specific situation I observed recently, and I'd like to reread it while cursing and shaking a tiny fist at the universe. Perhaps you can help me find it?

I really thought I'd seen this here, but maybe it just brushed across my Facebook feed, now lost for eternity. A search of AskMe didn't show the reference I thought I'd remembered.

It's not:
or https://thebestschools.org/magazine/15-logical-fallacies-know/
or https://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/politics/a19480416/women-changing-mens-minds-feminism-steven-crowder/
It is very definitely not https://illimitablemen.com/2014/03/09/how-women-argue/
It almost could be this, except it's only one bullet point: https://medium.com/@jessicavalenti/yes-demanding-women-debate-you-is-like-catcalling-56d85b025500

Note that I am only looking for a link to the article, not trying to argue its accuracy, and I am definitely not accusing you (general or specific you) of applying any of the tactics.
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Was it from this recent post?
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It isn't (because I read this at least 3 months ago, which I should have mentioned), but it is ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL and may serve exactly the same purpose.

But if anybody else remembers the listicle I am remembering, or has any other possible resources, they will be gratefully received.

* While I print out bingo cards for this item and fling them into the air for all my friends.
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I'm not sure this satire piece actually fits, but it's what immediately came to mind when I read the post: 9 Non-Threatening Leadership Strategies for Women.
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The Rhetorics page and/or List of rhetorics at the Geek Feminism wiki might help.
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This is not it, but perhaps will be helpful?
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Or perhaps this?
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I'm sad to think that maybe I was mixing and matching the 20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You (which I definitely read) with the Geek Feminism wiki (which I think I read some of) in my head.

Not a single one of these suggestions will go to waste, though, so thanks!
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