Q: What is Phil Collins calling his reunion tour?
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A: ReGenesis. I want to get a copy of my very favorite TV show before it's lost to the sands of time. I fear I may be too late. That show is ReGenesis.

I first found this show back in the wee days of Hulu in 2008, when it was one of the few shows they had available for unlimited free streaming. I watched the show several times on Hulu. It's my favorite show, like I said. Hulu is the only place I've ever seen this show available. ReGenesis is no longer on Hulu.

In an ideal world someone will just post a link to where I can purchase the DVDs for ALL FOUR seasons of the show, but so far I haven't been able to find them.

I am not above acquiring this show by other means, but haven't been able to do that, either. If anyone is available to help plan and fund a heist trip to Toronto to break into the vault at Shaftesbury Films, please memail me.

This show is very important to me and I want it however I can get it. Thank you.
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They appear to be on Amazon Canada, at least: Season 1, with the recommended links going to in-stock copies of the rest of the seasons.
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On the UK amazon, here's Season 2 with Italian subtitles.

Season 3 with German subtitles.

Season 4 with German subtitles.

Season 1 in English with no subtitles.
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Looks like a copy is on eBay. No idea whether this is a studio release or someone's rip-n-burn.

I also see all four seasons on Usenet, which I guess falls under your "other means". Memail me if you're interested in a hand going down that route.
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(Sorry, didn't search for the remaining seasons beyond the first on eBay 😞)
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Seasons 1-4 are available on US Amazon Prime. If you don't have Prime, you can maybe just buy the seasons there. That gives you access for as long as you have internet and Amazon is in business.
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I've checked with Amazon and the show is only available via streaming so long as I have the right type of Prime account--which I do not--and keep the Prime account forever. There's no way to actually buy the episodes of the show and have them.

With the international copies of the DVDs my concern is if they'd play over here in the US on my computer/VLC which is how I watch things. It's never come up before and I don't know.
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Canada and the US are both in Region 1 for DVDs and Region A for Blu-ray, so discs published in Canada can usually be played in the US.

If you're unsure, contact the sellers and ask whether the discs will work on a player from Region 1/Region A. At least one of the Blu-Ray editions on Amazon.ca is explicitly marked "Region A/B/C", so that one should work, at least.
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Thank you! You know who you are!
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