Help my sister find this book!
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About 10 years ago my sister read a science fiction novel, and wants to find it again. She read it about 10 years ago, but it could have been published any time before that, she doesn't remember if it was a recent publication. It possibly had the word "Pegasus" in the title. Plot below the fold

In her words:

"what i remember: it starts off with the main guy, and he's, like, a bum or whatever, his girlfriend left him, and his dad hates him, and so he signs up to go on an intergalactic mission to teraform somewhere really far away, never to see earth again. while on his way out of the solar system, the sun swallows up our galaxy. the spaceship is powered by these higher humans' brains, and one of them is a twin with someone who was on earth when it was swallowed up, and it causes some sort of problem because twins are psychically linked. and the dude's ex is on the ship with her new man and he ends up saving the day by figuring out how to travel faster than the speed of light"
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Is it Pegasus in Flight and related stories?

Pegasus in Flight continues the story of the Talents, a group of powerful psychics whose abilities have become vital to the Earth's economy. Unfortunately, the same abilities that make them so valued, also make them targets of exploitation; and the world's most ambitious project, the Padrugoi space station, requires the Talents to make great sacrifices for the good of the entire planet.
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Great guess, but no. This takes place almost entirely on a spaceship, not on earth.
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Sounds a little like the old Heinlein juvenile Time for the Stars -- especially psychic twins and the discovery of FTL travel at the end -- but otherwise the details don't match.
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Oh, huh. Didn't someone do a novel from a Heinlein outline that sounded like a rehash of Time for the Stars? [googling]. Spider Robinson, Variable Star -- the linked review makes it sound plausible.
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Yes, that is the plot for Variable Star. Older, "conservative" Heinlein fans hated it because author Spider Robinson said he was going to do something to honor Heinlein but then he mocked him and actually [SPOILER] destroyed the Earth in Heinlein's fictional universe. I still remember the outrage. Those guys have probably moved on to hating Star Wars nowadays.
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Thirding the Variable Star guess, that's what it sounds like to me.
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