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Hi! Need recommendations for mp3 players that are compatible with iTunes.

Pretty straightforward. My last iPod Nano has died a sad death and I don't want an iPod touch (why oh why did Apple do away with the iPod Classic and Nano? sigh).

These days I mostly stream music through Spotify but I have a lot of music in my iTunes library that I can't get on Spotify and I don't want to never listen to those songs again.

I've never had an mp3 player that wasn't from Apple so I don't know what brands are reputable. I trust the hive mind more than I do Amazon reviews. Tell me what mp3 player I should buy!

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You could buy a refurbished nano from a number of places.
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I gave up on a dedicated player and use iSyncr to pull music from itunes onto my Android phone.
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Amazon lists quite a few iPods for sale, including a couple of generations of Nanos. Heck, they even list those great 4th gen Shuffles!
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Thanks everyone so far! Does anyone have any recommendations for non-Apple products?
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I have this SanDisk Clip Sport. The only drawback is the small screen, which is only an issue because I am used to my giant phone and e-reader. It is expandable with an SD card and I have a 32 GB in mine.

I want to explain that you have these music files on your computer, not just in iTunes. They exist as files on your hard drive and can probably be accessed with any other music software. I use both Media Monkey and Music Bee in addition to iTunes. Once you install them, you tell them to look in your Music folder and they will find every audio file in there. iTunes generally stores your stuff in Music/iTunes - so that is the first place to look.
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If you want iTunes operability, you might want to look at this article. Scant options listed there, I'm afraid.
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I was recently in this same sad situation and I had to suck it up and buy a new iPod Touch which I pretty much hate. It also only has 32 gigs of storage which is not enough, because they don’t make a 64 gig version anymore (grrrrrrrrr) . The price leap from 32 to 124 was more than I could do so I can’t put all my music on it. I was never a huge Apple fan and now I actively hate them. Unfortunately, MP3 players have gone the way of the dodo. In retrospect I think that maybe what I should have done was buy an old 64 gig iPhone and use it as an iPod and that is what I suggest to you, along with starting to buy CDs again.
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I use the Google Play Music app on my phone (I've got a Moto G5 plus) because I finally gave up on my malfunctioning syncs with my iTunes through the Music Manager on my desktop, and it works well enough, and it's free. I just want to be able to play my iTunes playlists on *something* that will shuffle the songs. You can upload 50,000 songs for free, and of course they want you to subscribe to their streaming service (but you don't have to). It will let you download playlists or albums to play offline.

I've also got a Fiio X1 which has as much storage as you can manage on a micro SD card. It doesn't sync with iTunes, you have to manually add your files (it also supports lossless) but at least it kind of looks like an iPod Classic...
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