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Friends: received a gross of these for free to pass out as gag gifts (decorated with lights). Now feel uncertain - what is F.O.G? What is the logo? Internet says Fear of God and Fat Oil and Grease, not very festive.
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Best answer: It's the "White-and-red Polish flag with superposed "anchor" emblem of the Polish resistance" from the Warsaw Uprising
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The Kotwica, specifically, since the Warsaw uprising page doesn't seem to spell that out
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That looks almost like a Polish military vet item you got there. Wear that in the wrong bar as a gag and you might get out only with broken legs. A bit like how telnyashkas were briefly popular a few years back until very large Russian ex-marines might politely request you never wear their mark of honour again.
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Response by poster: You all, are amazing. If my batteries had not been running low I might have recognized the flag colors and perhaps gotten somewhere.
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Best answer: Warning: over the last few years it's become something of a right wing emblem in Poland. Someone wearing that wouldn't make an immigrant or LGBT person comfortable.
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Response by poster: sanctuary, I was afraid of that.
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