I need Facebook to de-integrate from Instagram
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I admin several pages on Facebook, which happens through my personal account. I also have Instagram, through which I've logged in to those Facebook pages in order to have the Instagram post go to Facebook automatically. But as a result I think Instagram is encouraging people who know me *on Facebook* to follow me *on Instagram*. I'm not happy with this. Any options?

There are people from my Facebook starting to follow me on Instagram who have no reason to have found me on their own.

Since Facebook bought Instagram I know this integration is just going to continue. But does anyone know of a way to cut out the "show your profile to people we think will want to know you" or "your friend rockyraccoon is on Instagram as [org name]!" prompts that I assume they're now showing? Is there anything other than the org integrations that could lead Instagram to find my contacts from Facebook? I don't have any accounts formally connected in such a way that they'd appear under "Linked accounts."

If there's no way to do this, plan Bs include starting my fake-real-person Facebook account back up and giving the page admin roles to that account, or de-linking my Insta account from these Facebook pages. I prefer not to make my account private since I use it to engage in the Instagram community.
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Yup, this happened to me when I tried to start a second Instagram. Unlike multiple Twitters, there is something going on in the background, even when you switch or sign out of accounts on Instagram on the same device. Did you give Facebook your cellphone number? I think that is how random people found me.
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We use Facebook Business Manager (it's free/official) to keep work/personal separate, it also plays into Instagram. You may need to be an actual business to get set up with it, but it's worth looking into.
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I would go into your Instagram settings, select Linked Accounts (I think) and de-link Facebook. If that doesn't work, or maybe do this additionally just in case, change the email address associated with your Insta account to a different one from the one you use to log in to FB. Good luck.
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I think some of the apps for these sites ask for permission to access contact information on phones. Even if you haven't shared your all of your contacts with Insta and Facebook, other people who have your phone number share theirs, thus leading to datamining suggesting you to people.

There's probably other ways than just the contact information sharing that this happens, but that's one. The companies doing this aren't exactly announcing how they go about it.

plan Bs include starting my fake-real-person Facebook account back up and giving the page admin roles to that account

I've found that this strategy still results in less firewalling between accounts than I would like.

If you want to go that route, unless your existing fake-real account has remained unlinked to you in any way (no mutual friends, etc.), you might want to create a brand new fake-real account. If you don't let them have any friends they might be more successful at staying away from being suggested to people.

If it's really super important to keep the accounts completely separated (such as it would be for someone closeted about something they are admining a group associated with that closeted thing, or someone who is a political activist in places that can easily get you killed, etc), you want to start thinking about hiding your IP, never using apps for the secret account, and really read up a lot on security because there's probably a lot more things to do that I'm not even thinking of.
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