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I have one bookshelf's worth of large graphic novels and space for one bookshelf in my living room. What can I get that looks better than a Billy or Kallax shelf from Ikea but will be able to handle the weight of the comics?

Internet forums seem to suggest that either 40cm wide Billy bookshelves or Kallax units are the way to go for ready-made shelves. I'd like something that looks a bit nicer as this'll be in our living room. The comics are things like DC Absolute Editions and Marvel Omnibuses - they're roughly the same size as the art books put out by Taschen if that helps - and a shelf of these will be pretty heavy so it needs to be strong.
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I was recently in a similar position and ended up getting a "Stairway" bookshelf from CB2. Pretty minimal, and it's made of solid metal+wood.
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Can you put holes in the wall for the shelf? Although you mention 'ready-made shelves', for a single bookshelf I would consider making a floating shelf or 'invisible shelf' in the size & style you prefer.
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I have used the wrong term for what I want. I am looking for a bookcase not a single shelf.

The Stairway shelf looks quite nice but according to the website it only has 11.5" of space between the shelves so it'll be too small. I do see other shelves on their site that also look nice. Will have to drop by CB2 to check them out and see how strong they are.

I can put holes in my walls and I know where the studs are so floating shelves would be an option provided they can support the weight. I would also need bookends or something on the sides to keep the comics from falling over.
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For my softcover books, I put them horizontal, rather than vertical. It's easier to read the spine, and they stay flat. No bookends needed!
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I'm a fan of the Connections line of modular shelving from The Container Store. The uprights are metal and the shelves can hold 75 lbs each.

I've got a run of Hellboy library editions, BPRD omnibuses, and D&D manuals on mine.
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How much do you want to spend? DWR has some nice options if you like the ladder look.
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We have a bunch of TEEbooks shelves for cookbooks, comics and oversized kids books. They’re great. Unobtrusive and super strong.
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Something to bear in mind when looking at bookshelves is that they disappear when full. I've used Billy bookshelves for decades -- Literally looking at a six-shelf Billy that I bought in about 1990 and have always kept filled with books. It's held up surprisingly well along with its pals for my giant wall o' books, and when you look at it, you see books and not bookshelves.

I do have several vintage bookshelves with glass doors. Pretty. The drawback is that they hold fewer books and they are statement pieces. So, don't write off Billy without further thought.
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