Help me find a particular article on hiring underrepresented minorities
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Within the last six months or so, I read an article (probably a blog post) written by a member of an underrepresented minority about hiring for diversity and inclusion and now I'm having trouble finding it again.

The two main points of the article as I remember them were:
  • URMs evaluate a potential employer for whether it would be a safe place to work and whether they'd be able to succeed, so employers need to pass their test if they want to get good applicants.
  • Diversity can't be built just from the bottom-up. If a potential URM candidate sees nobody who looks like them in management or leadership, what evidence do they have that they can be successful?
There was also a lot of focus on how much the evaluation was based on things like company reputation and the look of their website and marketing materials. The point being that even if your job postings and interview practices are good, candidates could be ruling you out because the pictures of the leadership team or the office display a very homogenous set of employees.
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Is this it?

PS This is a 2016 FPP by divabat re: a Nonprofits with Balls (now Nonprofit AF) post on diversity in hiring.
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No, I'm afraid not, thought that looks like a good read, so thanks for sharing.

The article I'm thinking of had less of a "here's what we need to do" perspective and more of a "here's how I (URM applicant) see you (employer)" one.
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