Will nut butter make heavy fat cream freezable?
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I have a pot of clotted cream in my fridge. I mixed in some almond butter, which made an extremely satisfying 'fat bomb' snack - a teaspoonfull is all you need - but I can't eat a whole pot before it expires! A lot of fat bomb recipes involve mixing ingredients together (the fat is usually coconut oil) and then freezing them, can I do the same with this combination? The company doesn't advise freezing clotted cream alone, but would it be possible to do it if mixed with nut butter?
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My experience is that freezing clotted cream affects the texture adversely - it gets a bit... grainy, for want of a better word. But... who knows whether it will be palatable when almond butter is mixed into the delicious equation? It may have an emulsifying effect. Maybe you could try freezing and defrosting a small amount as a test.
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Things don't explode on the expiration date, well, mostly. The bottom shelf of the fridge is coldest. Also, have a friend over for English muffins or crumpets(Trader Joe's), clotted cream, and raspberry jam and tea.
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What kind of heathen puts clotted cream on a crumpet?? Seriously, though, I'm not eating baked goods at the moment, otherwise a pile of scones and a cream tea would be the obvious thing to do here.

The pot expires tomorrow and I know I'm not going to be able to eat enough of the almond/cream mixture between now and then.
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I say freeze as much of it as you can't eat in the next few days. That way, if freezing ruins it, you won't lose more than you would have lost to spoilage anyway. And if it works, hey! You will have a new way to preserve your clotted cream.
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I wouldn't worry too much about the expiration date. AFAIK, dairy doesn't go bad subtly -- if it's gone bad, it'll taste bad. And the fattier it is, the better it lasts. I'd just keep eating it as long as it tastes good.
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I say take the shot and freeze some/most of it. If the texture gets bad on thaw, recycle it into cream cheese fat bombs.

Tip: for my fat bombs, I scoop portions into mini cupcake papers, freeze those, and then put them in a freezer bag to keep. That way it's easy and relatively clean to set them out to thaw and then eat from the wrapper.
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An experiment is necessary. Freeze some today, try it tomorrow.

Dairy doesn't usually have an expiration date-- it usually has a sell-by date, and some expected period after that during which it's expected to be good. Two weeks for milk.

I don't know what it might be for clotted cream, but you shouldn't sweat the date; bacteria and mold don't know how to read a calendar; they move in when they move in, and they leave obvious signs of smells, discoloration.
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Cream products DO have a use-by date in the UK, rather than a sell by, possibly because some products here are not pasturized and supermarkets want to cover themselves. I find these to be generally quite generous, and am often telling Mr Mippy that 'use by' products don't automatically become poisonous at the stroke of midnight, but I'm more concerned that it will go to waste rather than making me sick.

You might be right, though - IME butter and spreadable butter can last for ages past their use-by dates. Clotted cream isn't that far away from being butter.
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If you’re only eating a teaspoonful at a time, freeze in small portions and eat frozen. That way you avoid any thawing weirdness, and such a small portion won’t make a frozen brick, but a bite size treat!
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Ive made fat bombs from super heavy cream and peanut butter, frozen-- it tastes fine.
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Freeze it and find out?

If it doesn't work, here's some ideas for using up weird textured clotted cream/almond butter, especially in small portions: biltzed in soups and smoothies, in risottoes, quiches, and pasta sauces, in that ice 'cream' you can make from frozen bananas, in fact, in real homemade ice cream too probably....
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Well, I got in this evening and there were two wee brown spots on the crust of the cream. Thankfully the nature of clotted cream meant I could remove them easily, and it still tasted fine. I've tried freezing my mixture and we will see what happens! I was actually out tonight trying to get hold of the right kind of silicone mould to try it.

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