Have you worked post on a feature film? What was your editing setup?
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I'm about to start assist editing on a feature documentary. Seeking advice on the set up and technical things.

This is my first time working on a feature and they want me to be the go-to techy person and that's making me nervous. I've only worked on short form videos before. We have 15 TB of 4k footage. I plan to make proxies for everything in Resolve. Haven't decided if I should attach proxies to raw in Premiere, or relink later. What would be your recommended setup as far as drives/backups/computer goes? There will be one main editor and me as assistant. I will be working alone until it's all set up and ready for the editor to jump in, then I imagine I will be on part time.

Thank you in advance.

ps. also open to any reading material that you'd recommend from the internet.
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I work in documentary but not in post. Anyway, here’s my not-all-that-tech advice:
You should probably relink to proxies later. The trick is to do all the metadata additions before rendering, because Resolve bakes some of it into the header of the Quicktime file.

As far as computer, not sure what the raw footage is on, but if the production can afford it I’d recommend an iMac Pro with a G-SPEED XL Thunderbolt 3 RAID. They can use that for everything. Backups can be to G-RAIDs.
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