Need a simle free video editor that checks all these boxes
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Trying to put together a simple video of iphone clips. Below the fold is what I need. This is on a Windows 10 laptop...

- Free
- Drag and drop overview/arrangement of clips
- Simple transitions between the clips
- Ability to mute audio / add a backing track
- Overlay text on the image

Seems simple but Lightworks is just too complicated, and Open Shot video editor does not let me overlay text properly. You have to go full title screen, and transparency is not an option (although I see it in some tutorials).

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Windows movie maker? Pretty sure it checks all these boxes.

A lot of the simple consumer level software (say, Sony Vegas Movie Studio) will allow you to use a download for free for like 7 days.
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Windows Movie Maker WAS amazing. But there isn't one for Windows 10. I'm still looking for a replacement and will be watching this thread eagerly.
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As agregoli says, Windows Movie Maker is no longer supported/available.

I've installed, but not yet used, DaVinci Resolve. It looks pretty comprehensive, far more than I need (my tick-boxes are pretty much same as yours, and I was happy with WMM ) but I leave it here as a suggestion.
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