Like Geeks Who Drink, but portable and digital. Beer optional.
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I love to do "Geeks Who Drink" when I can, but I can't swing it most weeks. Help me find a trivia game app for my Android phone that satisfies my trivia craving. (More requirements inside)

Most trivia apps I can find have two problems for me:
1) The questions are just waaaay too easy. Or they make you go through a bajillion super easy "levels" before you get to the good stuff.
2) They're timed, or you're playing against a live opponent like in "Quiz Geek," so I can't handle interruptions without spoiling a whole game. I don't have much distraction-free time to play games and any games I play must be interruptable.

I just want to answer trivia questions that are clever, original, and challenging. The difficulty and originality of the weekly "Geeks Who Drink" questions are about my speed.

Can I find that in a handy app for my phone? I'd be willing to pay. Because I'd just play the one game.
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It's not an app, but you'd probably love Learned League (the site is here, although googling it may be a better explanation of the whole thing). If you'd like an invite, many mefites, myself included, are probably happy to help. Unfortunately the next round won't start for a little while but it's definitely quality trivia and without the time pressure.
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Seconding Learned League. The only downside I see from your requirements is that it's only 6 questions per day, but it is a lot of fun.
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