YANMD - Does Babesia (a protozoan parasite) die if exposed to air?
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Yesterday, I accidentally cut myself with a razor in the bathroom of a person who had babesiosis (Babesia microti) from a tick bite several months ago and was treated with the appropriate antibiotics. They finished their course of antibiotics about a month ago. I'm slightly worried because I donate blood, and babesiosis can spread through blood donation; however, we still don't screen blood for it. Ironically, I just had a blood test about a month ago for babesiosis after having been bitten by a tick in New England (thankfully it was negative). Should I be worried, or is it safe to say that any parasites on the razor died long ago?
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I'm a doctor.

B.microti cannot survive outside a living host.

You have no risk of infection.
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Thank you! :)
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