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I want to rewatch The Good Place before the new season. I also want to listen to the podcast before the new season. Do I want to watch the episode before the associated podcast or after? I do not want to watch each episode twice more.
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I would listen to the podcast after watching the episode. That's the context they're recorded in. Maybe do the first couple that way and see if that's satisfactory, and try the other order if you don't like it.
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I'd say podcast before rewatch... often there are easter eggs or other details revealed in the podcast that are quite pleasing to see for yourself shortly afterwards.
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Since you've seen it before, podcast and then rewatch for the reason Cold Lurkey mentions - to catch all the little stuff you missed before.
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I am doing this right now, and have found it best to listen to the podcast right after watching the episodes. I actually like it best when I watch several episodes, then listen to the corresponding several episodes of the pod, because sometimes in conversation they talk about the surrounding episodes a bit.

I finished S1 and the S1 coverage, and have now gotten ahead of my re-watch on the S2 coverage, and I am not enjoying it as much as when the episodes were in my recent memory. There are easter eggs, etc, but I like the perspective of post-watch better.

It's a fantastic pod with a lot of behind-the-scenes information, highly recommend it! It's especially cool that they mix actors with writers/producers/props folks, so you get both sides of the experience for each episode.
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After! The podcast is explicitly spoilery about the whole (aired) show. So it makes way more sense with more context.
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I've seen the entire show already, season 1 I have seen twice, season 2 I have mostly seen once but a few episodes (1-2, 3, the trolley ep) more than once.
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We've done podcast with no rewatch, podcast after watching, and podcast before watching. I think as long as you're doing both, you're winning. :)

I feel like podcast is more enjoyable if the episode is fresh, but the rewatch is more enjoyable after listening to the podcast, so it depends on what kind of experience you want -- do you want a better podcast experience, or a better rewatch experience? (Either way, it'll be delightful.)

A third option is to watch the episodes, listen to the podcast, then go back to the bits of the episodes that the podcast made you want to see again. For me, those have mostly been particularly fine acting moments or special effects.
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Nthing watching first but hurry up! :)
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