Replacement for McCormick Classic Pizza Seasoning?
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Does anyone remember McCormick Classic Pizza Seasoning (Italian Blend)? This seasoning was the exact combination of added flavors I never knew I always wanted on pizza. It's been discontinued. Can you recommend a replacement? I'm open to buying a pre-mixed blend or blending my own. The listed ingredients are "red and green bell peppers, garlic, and spices (including red pepper, oregano, and basil)." I can get the listed stuff, but that gnomic "spices" stymies me. Help?
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Penzey's makes some good pizza seasoning. Fennel is a big ingredient that makes things taste "pizza-y" for me. The salt free one to me isn't as good, but YMMV.
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Seconding Penzeys-- if you don't care for fennel (like me) their Italian Seasoning is what I used to make homemade pizza.

Also they are a good company.
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I'm going to suggest Penzey's as well, although I can't speak to how close it is to the stuff you liked. They have a "frozen pizza" seasoning that I like quite a bit in addition to the Italian blend (mmm so good) and their regular pizza seasoning.
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Penzeys Tuscan Sunset blend is my preferred pizza enhancer. The ingredients are listed as basil, oregano, red bell pepper, garlic, thyme, fennel, black pepper, and anise seed.
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I was going to suggest Penzeys, too. We use a bunch of their spice blends including the frozen pizza seasoning on pizza. But if you need a reason beyond the spices, there's also Bill Penzey's activism.
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If you sign up for Penzey's emails, you'll get fairly frequent offers for free jars (I've seen offers for a free jar of your choice with purchase and sometimes something relevant to current events--Mexican vanilla, Arizona Dreaming blend, Tsardust Memories blend are a few I remember--will be given away without a purchase) so you can try a couple of their pizza blends at a discount.
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McCormick used to have a version that was in a spice grinder that I LOVED--I kept one at my desk at work, and was bereft when I tried to get one for home and discovered that it had been discontinued.

I am refining my version of it at home. It certainly requires basil, a little oregano (which I don't love, personally), dried garlic, salt, some red pepper flakes, and fennel seeds. Definitely fennel seeds. I'm not far off, but I'm not quite there yet. I grind each batch with a mortar and pestle.

Good luck!
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Another vote for Penzey's. Their Tuscan Sunset is probably best, but they have a few Italian blends.
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PS: Follow Penzey's on Facebook or sign up for their emails! They are very anti Trump and have a lot of great specials, sometimes in response to Trump nonsense.
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Yes, Penzey’s pizza seasoning is the answer.
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Thankyouthankyouthankyou everyone! I'm going to check out Penzey's and attempt something like Admiral Haddock's blend!

gods i love this site
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